Do you need the quickest and simplest possible access to all of your emergency kit?

Do you want your bag to be of the highest possible quality and with a two year guarantee?

Do you need your bag to have the highest possible water resistance and impregnated with an antibacterial and anti-fungal coating?

Do you want to keep all of your medical kit contained in one bag at all times?

Do you want the flexibility of customising your kit into separate attachable bags that connect to each other?

Do you need an efficient way for all of your kit to travel with you at all times?

Do you want a slimline bag with the option to attach or detach additional kit bags?

Do you need a simple solution to meet almost all of the UEFA minimum medical requirements for pitch-side medical kit in one go?

Do you want your bag to provide the emergency kit you need but in the smallest footprint possible?

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