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Are you well equipped to save a life?

Perspective by Dr Jonny Gordon, Co-founder of Promote Medical


In any emergency situation simplicity is key. It affords precious time and allows us to perform better as clinicians. In the type of emergency situations we often face, quick and easy access to all equipment can be life-saving.

In my experience I find traditional medical bags are often too complex. Bags are filled with equipment difficult to locate and often not necessary. With the aim of designing a simpler bag that would save time to save lives Promote Medical was established.

Simpler design informed by practice

The courses I teach through UEFA and Sport Promote offer practicing sports clinicians a framework for life saving skills in a sports context. I’m fortunate through these courses to have gathered further insight into how others use equipment and to focus on best practice. Collectively, taking all of these experiences highlighted the need for a bag built around the specific equipment we need.

So, what’s different about Promote Medical bags?

Instead of the ‘traditional’ approach of buying a bag that ‘looks about right ’ for the equipment we have accumulated, we have specifically designed the medical bag around the equipment that we know practitioners need. Using a bespoke layout makes accessing that equipment unbelievably simple. Importantly the bag itself is robust, lightweight and water resistant and as our range has grown we’ve made our bags fully customizable for individual circumstances. We have also designed our bags around the portable equipment detailed in the UEFA Minimum Medical Requirements.

It’s our belief that every sports organization and beyond that, every healthcare worker, and most importantly every patient should have access to an affordable, portable and simple emergency medical kit that effectively brings the resuscitation room to the patient. That’s what our bags are designed to do.


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