A medical system solution for your surgery

Promote Medical designs and manufactures medical bags that work in any emergency and in any situation. Our ultimate user-friendly medical bags allow access to all emergency equipment quickly, simply and in a way that works intuitively to save you time to save lives.

Our Pro-Med Primo bag is specifically suited to provide a portable pre-hospital immediate care system for your dental surgery. Uncomplicated in its application it offers an assured medical system that allows you to quickly and effectively manage your patients should they suffer a medical emergency or dental complication in your surgery.


The Pro-Med Primo is designed in a unique way to allow the bag to be built around the equipment you need, allowing space to be minimised while maximising accessibility.

The specialised divider and tray system allows your medical equipment to be separated to manage airway, suction and breathing, as well as safety equipment. An individual compartment is also clearly defined to hold your defibrillator, enabling all equipment to be clearly visible.

Slimline and fully customisable in design the Primo allows you to carry even more equipment, if required, with our attachable Pro-Med Connect bags. The Connect bag is versatile and designed for diagnostics, wounds and drugs. Our Pro-Med 02 cylinder bag can also be attached to the Primo to facilitate size CD oxygen or nitrous oxide cylinders.


You can order the Pro-Med Primo + Connect range with or without medical equipment, dependant on your requirements.

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Pro-Med Primo with medical equipment £399

Guedel size 0; Guedel size 1; Guedel size 2; Guedel size 3; Guedel size 4; Guedel size 5;
Rescuer hand held suction; Trauma/non rebreathing mask; Nebuliser mask;
Hand gel; 10ml syringe x 2; 5ml syringe x 2; 2ml syringe x 2; 1ml syringe x 2;
Needle 21g x 5; Swab 5x5cm pack x 2; Protective spectacles; Ambu bag valve mask; Adult spacer mini-wright; Leukoplast 2.5cm; Finepore 2.5cm; Tuff cut shears;
Pocket mask with oxygen inlet; Aprons x 2; Gloves medium x 4; Gloves large x 4; Sterets x 8; Sharps bin 0.2l

Option to include Diagnostics - additional £49

Sats probe with pleth trace; BP machine (BHS approved); Digital thermometer

Option to include Defibrillator - additional £899

Philips HS1 Defibrillator with slimcase

Pro-Med Primo without medical equipment £309

Pro-Med 02 £59

Attachable to the Primo to hold size CD oxygen or nitrous oxide cylinders

Pro-Med Connect £59

Attachable to the Primo to hold diagnostics, wounds and drugs

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT


We believe that every dental surgery, GP practice and healthcare worker should have access to an affordable, portable and simple emergency medical kit that effectively brings the resuscitation room to the patient. That’s what our bags are designed to do.

For more information and to order email roisin.mcclory@promotemedical.com or call us on +44 (0) 141 570 0524