Traditionally medical bags are often too complex and filled with equipment which is difficult to locate and often not necessary.  The Promote Medical bags are different, they are designed around the specific equipment needed for flow of access and around the principles of human factor ergonomics to minimise pressure on clinicians dealing with unfamiliar emergencies.

It is easier to locate medical equipment in the Promote bags because they are designed in layout to separate the equipment necessary to manage airway, suction, breathing, circulation, diagnostics, wounds, drugs as well as safety equipment.  All sections are compartmentalised with screen printed descriptions for quick and easy access.

Yes it is.  We recently conducted the Medical Bag Challenge, in an emergency scenario situation, and it was demonstrated that when pitched against a standard style medical bag our Promote Medical bag outperformed on all levels.

Yes the Promote Medical bags are manufactured in the UK and produced from 1000 Dernier high tenacity nylon fabric and an anti-microbial coating is applied to the grey outer fabric and the interior of the bag, offering protection and strength as well as wipe-down functionality.

The interior yellow and silver lining fabrics of both the Pro-Med Omnio and Pro-Med Primo bags are coated with Ultra-Fresh.  Ultra-Fresh compounds are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered and fully compliant with the new European Biocides Products Directive legislation – BPD.  Ultra-Fresh is applied during the manufacturing process and lasts for the effective life of the bag.  It gives antibacterial and antifungal protection against mould and mildew, ensuring protection against germ, cross-infection, allergies, rotting, discoloration and staining, degradation, odours and spoilage in any combination.

The Pro-Med Omnio bag is a complete emergency care kit.  If you need access to all of your kit in the one place all of the time this is the bag for you.  The Pro-Med Primo has all of the lifesaving equipment you would need in a cardiac arrest situation.  It is more slimline than the Omnio and fully customisable in design to allow you to carry all of the additional equipment you would find in the Omnio with our attachable Connect bags.

Yes you can order both the Pro-Med Omnio and Pro-Med Primo+Connect bags fully stocked with all of the required medical emergency equipment included.  You also have the option to purchase the bags only, unstocked.

Yes we offer our Replenish & Replace Service (RRS) as an add-on to your order when you purchase a fully stocked Pro-Med Omnio or Primo+Connect bag.  This service ensures that your equipment consumables never go past their sell by date without being replenished and if you use them in an emergency situation then let us know and we will replace them for you.

The Pro-Med 02 bag is an attachable option to both the Pro-Med Omnio and Pro-Med Primo and is designed to hold the size CD oxygen or nitrous oxide cylinders.

Yes the Pro-Med Omnio and Pro-Med Primo bags have both been designed to perfectly fit the Philips HS1 Defibrillator with Slim Case inside.  You can also include the purchase of the HS1 Defibrillator with your order.

Yes, the Pro-Med Omnio, Primo and 02 bags all have attachable Velcro panels for embroidery and this can be included with your order.  All we need is a JPEG, PNG or TIFF file of your logo artwork which you can add when completing your order online.

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