Omnio 22

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Pro-Med Omnio 22 bag is a complete emergency and trauma kit, built around the equipment you need to provide a portable immediate care system.

Fully stocked, the structure and layout of the bag allows quick and easy access to all equipment necessary to manage any emergency affecting airway, breathing or circulation and includes portable suction, diagnostics and personal safety equipment.

Uncomplicated in application it allows access to all emergency equipment quickly, simply and in a way that works intuitively to save you time to save lives.  The Omnio allows you access to all of your kit, in one place, all of the time.  It also allows you to connect the 02 bag to carry a size CD oxygen or nitrous oxide cylinder.

Manufactured to the top industry standards, fully stocked and with our (optional) defibrillator and a Size CD oxygen cylinder, it meets and even exceeds the UEFA Minimum Medical Pitchside Requirements as detailed in Article 10.01.


  • Designed and manufactured in the UK with a two year guarantee
  • Easy and quick access to all equipment
  • Bespoke compact folding design
  • Unique internal concertina storage mechanism
    • Community Registered Design No. 003361179
  • Water resistant outer membrane and anti-microbial coating
  • Option to attach the Pro-Med 02 bag for size CD oxygen or nitrous oxide cylinders
  • Detachable Velcro panels to allow personalised embroidery
  • Designed around the portable equipment detailed in the UEFA Minimum Medical Requirements

Fully stocked, your customised-medical bag provides: