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Pro-Med Omnio 22

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The Pro-Med Omnio is not just a bag, it’s a portable immediate care system, designed in a unique way to allow the bag to be built around the equipment you need.  The specialised divider system and concertina design allows space to be minimised while maximising accessibility.

Uncomplicated in application it allows access to all emergency equipment quickly, simply and in a way that works intuitively to save you time to save lives.  The Omnio allows you access to all of your kit, in one place, all of the time.

The interior structure of the bag allows the medical equipment to be separated to manage airway, suction, breathing, circulation, diagnostics, as well as safety equipment.  The Pro-Med 02 bag can be attached to the front of the Omnio to allow you to securely carry Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide cylinders.

A detachable Velcro panel is attached at the front of the Omnio and around the 02 bag to allow personalised embroidery.

Manufactured to the top industry standards, fully stocked and with our (optional) defibrillator and a Size CD oxygen cylinder, the Omnio meets and even exceeds the UEFA Minimum Medical Pitchside Requirements as detailed in Article 10.01.

The complete listing of medical equipment included in a fully stocked Omnio bag is detailed in the ‘Specifications’ section below, along with information on the additional design features of the Omnio bag.


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Omnio 22 Features

  • Bespoke compact folding design and unique internal concertina storage mechanism (Community Registered Design No. 003361179)
  • Exterior and interior zips are reversed to maximise water resistance
  • Manufactured in the UK with a 2 year warranty
  • Plastic moulded carry handles on the front and back panels that clip together at the top of the bag for extra strength and comfort
  • Side release clips top and bottom to allow the 02 bag to be securely attached.  When not attached the top and bottom clips can be hidden behind slip pockets behind the piped seams
  • The padded rucksack straps are adjustable to fit all body sizes and have a chest strap to hold the bag securely
  • A zip slip pocket is located at the back of the bag to allow the rucksack straps to be tucked away if not in use
  • The back slip pocket is padded to allow extra comfort when using the rucksack straps
  • Two horizontal style lines with silver reflective piping
  • A trolley slip pocket allows trolley framed wheels to be fastened to the bag
  • Four domed pads are placed at the base of the bag for extra protection
  • Plastic moulded side handle to allow the option for the bag to be carried on its side
  • Four rigged base pads on the spine of the bag to allow extra protection when opening
  • Square corner shape to allow for a rigid internal divider system with the bag depth divided centrally via a zip
  • Two interior compartmentalised Velcro backed trays with individual double zipped panels and screen printed descriptions for ease of access to all sections
  • The two interior trays are compartmentalised into individual sections
  • Reverse zipped option to gain access to all compartments at once in each interior tray
  • For quick access pull tabs are added to the Velcro flaps for the defibrillator compartment
  • Extra Velcro badge supplied with clear PVC slip pocket for additional descriptive requirements in Drug/Splints section
  • Two concertina ‘flip-out boards’ that fold into each other to minimise space and maximise accessibility for the Airway and Circulation compartments
  • Yellow cord pullers on main zips to allow for extra grip
  • Elasticated rain cover for bag to allow extra protection in all weather conditions (covers the bag with or without the cylinder bag attached)


Fully stocked the Omnio bag is supplied complete with the following medical equipment:


3x Nasopharyngeal airway (sizes 6, 7, 8); 3x Guedel (sizes 2, 3, 4); 2x I-Gel LMA (sizes 4, 5); Lubricating jelly (Optilube)


Handheld suction with HEAP filter and 2x sized catheters


Ambu Bag Valve Mask (BVM); Pocket mask with oxygen connector; Non rebreathing oxygen mask; Nebuliser mask; Able Spacer


IV giving set (note we currently don’t provide IV fluid bag)


Vasofix safety cannula (size 14G x2 and size 18G x2); 10mls syringe x2; 23 gauge needle x5; 21 gauge needle x5; 5mls syringe x2; Disposable tourniquet x4; Alcohol sterets x8; Tegaderm IV sticker x4


Leukoplast tape 2.5cm; Finepore tape 2.5cm; Wound swabs 5x5cm; Wound swabs 10x10cm; Small scissors; Universal shears; Wounds pack (bronze suture kit with sutures 2/0 and 4/0)


Automatic blood pressure monitor with multi-cuff size (medium-large); Blood glucose monitor; Peak flow meter; Stethoscope – professional grade and multi-ear tips; Finger tip pulse oximeter with plethysmography trace


Pair of safety glasses; Sharps box


Ambu Perfit multi adjustable collar; Pentorch; Gloves (sizes medium and large); Hand Gel; Aprons; Removable multi-directional LED light with magnetic base

02 Features

  • Manufactured as a stand-alone cylinder bag and as an attachment to the Omnio bag
  • Top small handle to carry as a stand-alone bag
  • Designed in a ‘D’ shape to fit against the front of the Omnio bag
  • Side release clips top and bottom to allow the cylinder bag to be securely attached to the Omnio bag.  When not attached the top and bottom clips can be hidden behind slip pockets behind the piped seams
  • Top zipped and padded throughout with rigged base pad for extra fabric protection
  • Suitable for storage of Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

Additional Information

Weight 8.8 kg
Dimensions 56 × 37 × 26 cm
Embroidery (optional)

No Personalisation, Personalise

Include Medical Equipment? (excludes defibrillator - available as optional extra)

Include Equipment, No Equipment Needed

Include Pro-Med O2 bag? (to carry size CD oxygen or nitrous oxide cylinder)

Include Pro-Med O2, Do Not Include Pro-Med O2

Include Foldable Trolley?

Include Foldable Trolley, Do Not Include Foldable Trolley

Fabric Type

The Pro-Med Omnio 22 bag is produced from 1000 Dernier high tenacity nylon fabric and an anti-microbial coating is applied to the grey outer fabric and the interior of the bag, offering protection and strength as well as functionality.

The interior yellow and silver lining fabrics are coated with Ultra-Fresh.  Ultra-Fresh compounds are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered and fully compliant with the new European Biocides Products Directive legislation – BPD.  Ultra-Fresh is applied during the manufacturing process and lasts for the effective life of the bag.  It gives antibacterial and antifungal protection against mould and mildew, ensuring protection against germ, cross-infection, allergies, rotting, discoloration and staining, degradation, odours and spoilage in any combination.

The rucksack straps are manufactured with ‘spacer fabric’ that sits against the body to ensure comfort and reduction of heat spots.  The interior trays and dividers are made from a rigid light weight plastic board and foam with Velcro attachments.


The Pro-Med 02 bag is padded and produced from 1000 Dernier high tenacity nylon fabric and an anti-microbial coating is applied to the grey outer fabric and the interior of the bag, offering protection and strength as well as functionality.

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