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Pro-Med Connect

£62.00 + VAT

The  Pro-Med Connect bag can be used on its own or attached to the Primo bag.  On its own it can be carried by its top handle and two Connect bags can be clipped together to form a dual stand-alone bag.  Up to four Connect bags can be attached to the front of the Primo bag, secured by side release clips top and bottom.  The Connect bag comes with 4 label options for Diagnostics, Drugs, Wounds and Run On. The flexibility in its application allows the Connect bag(s) to be used to suit your requirements.

  • Designed as an attachable bag to the Primo for Diagnostics, Drugs, Wounds or a as Run-On – includes bag labels for all 4
  • Designed as a stand-alone medical bag (First Aid bag)
  • Two Connect bags can be clipped together to be a dual stand-alone bag
  • Water resistant
  • Plastic moulded top handle to carry as a stand-alone bag
  • Black cord pullers on main zips to allow for extra grip
  • Side release clips top and bottom to allow the Connect bag to be securely attached to the Primo bag.
  • A transparent insert section is attached to the front bottom of each bag to allow descriptive labels to be inserted e.g. Wounds, First Aid etc.
  • Promote Medical logo embroidered top left of bag
  • Square corner shape to allow for a rigid internal divider system with the bag depth divided centrally via a zip
  • Two interior compartmentalised sections with a two-sided middle board that can be separated and Velcro attached to close over each of the two interior compartments.
  • One of the interior compartments has a removable Velcro separator attached in the middle and 2 Velcro loops on each side of the compartment with a small net pocket located on the back wall of the compartment.
  • The other interior compartment has 2 removable Velcro separators attached to separate the compartment into 1/3 section areas with a Velcro loop attached on each side and top of the compartment with a small net pocket located on the back wall of the compartment.
  • The two-sided middle board has one piece of flat elastic on one side when opened up and the other side is smooth. The exterior sides of the two-sided middle board have 2 lines of elastic along each side with 5 separate elastic sections each in each line.
  • Velcro strips on the top of each of the middle boards allows the middle boards to be connected together or to be connected to the top wall Velcro sections in each of the two bag compartments.

Additional Information

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 10 cm

The Connect bag is produced from 1000 Denier high tenacity nylon fabric and an anti-microbial coating is applied to the grey outer fabric and the interior of the bag.

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