RRS Equipment Cover Annual Subscription

£189.00 / year + VAT

Promote Medical Replenish & Replace Service (RRS) provides unparalleled peace of mind for you and your patients. The service ensures that your equipment consumables never go past their sell by date without being replenished and if you use them then let us know and we will replace them for you.

The Replenish & Replace Service covers the medical equipment in your fully stocked Pro-Med Omnio and Pro-Med Primo + Connect from the time of purchase with the option to renew annually to ensure your cover stays in place.

Our annual subscription service means you no longer need to worry about remembering to check the different expiry dates on all of your products – we take care of that for you.  We will send your new medical kit a minimum of two weeks prior to your old kit expiring – all you need to do is swap it over. You can even use the old kit for training purposes.

To retain ongoing cover your subscription amount will be paid on a recurring annual basis.

Fair use policy applies to any replacement items (equipment or drugs) being sent out.  If two or more requests are made for the same replacement item within a calendar year of each other Promote Medical retains the right to ask for details of the incidents to confirm that legitimate claims for replacement items are being made.  Any claims for replacement kit or drugs that do not involve actual medical incidents will not be fulfilled and in that instance Promote Medical reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

* HS1 battery and defibrillator pads are included in the RRS only when the defibrillator is purchased from Promote Medical

** Promote Medical bag, oxygen or nitrous oxide bags, Philips HS1 defibrillator, pulse oximeter, BP machine, stethoscope, suction pump and peak flow

Additional Information

Simply let us know you have used your kit in an emergency incident and we will dispatch replacement kit to you within 24 hours so you never run out, you never have to order in and together with the replenishment service you never have to remember to replace your kit when it expires.

Replacement items will be sent out no later than 24 hours after notification by email to Promote Medical by the customer.  We will replenish your (non-drug) consumable items with an expiry date a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of your items expiring.

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